king trill

KING TRILL is an American rapper and the CEO of Elite Music Group . His new CD “OPERATION TAKEOVER” is scheduled to drop by the end of 2014.

Politics, religion, and poverty are some of the topics you will here about when you listen to King Trill. Born and raised in Clarksdale MS, he overcame many obstacles in life to pursue his love of music. As a kid, he grew up around gangs, drug dealers, and a lot of violence in his neighborhood. So he started rapping as way to bring attention to some of the issues that he saw everyday. By the time he was a teenager, he had developed a strong buzz in the streets of his hometown. After moving to Dallas TX in 99, he began working behind the scenes with local artist from both cities. He soon created a label, EMG records, aimed to develop talents from both states. Since 2004, EMG records has sold over 20,000 units in the streets.

King Trill released his first project, entitled Southern Collision, in 2007. It was a compilation album that featured music from him as well as other artists signed to his label. The project eventually sold over 5,000 copies in the streets between Texas, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Arkansas. In 2011, he released an Ep entitled Grind Hard, named after his first single, to promote his upcoming album Operation Takeover. In June of 2011, he setup a promotional tour through Texas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, and Tennessee. The tour was setup to promote Grind Hard which was suppose to have been released for digital distribution in June. The Ep didn’t hit retailers until that December because of a confirmation error.. At the time, he had no clear understanding for why the song hadn’t been released to music retailers. So, he decided to promote the song for free through sites like Reverbnation and carried on with the tour. While on the road, he rented out venues and worked with different promoters and DJ’s in each state. He passed out over 10,000 promotional CD’s and over 100,000 flyers. Since the tour, King Trill has generated over 100,000 fans across the internet, It also propelled him to become the number 1 artist for Dallas/Ft Worth on Reverbnation for 3 yrs. In late 2012, he released a mix-tape online entitled Keep It Trill. It was named after his second single and has generated over 11,000 free downloads to date. In March of 2013, he released the song, Keep It Trill, through digital distribution. He also released a music video with it to increase sales online. It was his first official video and became a huge success generating over 40,000 views in 4 months. To date, King Trill has pulled in over 2,000 in digital sales and his numbers continue to grow. Even though the tour was a success, he eventually decided to push back the release date of Operation Takeover from 2013 to 2014. He wanted to ensure that he took full advantage of internet marketing before releasing the album.

King Trill has been inspirational rapper throughout his career. He lyrics provide knowledge and empowerment for any listener. His new album Operation Takeover is one of the most highly anticipated releases of the year. He is being recognized as one of the hottest upcoming rappers in the underground market. He has been featured on several internet radio stations and media sites across the internet.


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